PAK! PAK! My Dr. Kwak Movie

PAK! PAK! My Dr. Kwak Movie

Apr 04

I believe all of you are excited for the kwakiest movie of the year! PAK! PAK! My Dr.Kwak movie is Vic Sotto and Bea Alonzo’s upcoming comedy movie. The movie is a joint venture between Mzet and Star Cinema, Watch the full trailer of PAK! PAK! My Dr. Kwak Movie below this post!

The movie will tackle two seemingly opposing entities – science and faith. While I personally believe that science and faith are not opposing each other. The movie will start out with that conflict, Vic Sotto will play the role of a Quack Doctor (that’s where the titlem must have came from) and Bea Alonzo will play as a doctor (I’m not sure though but I think she’s a Pediatrician). For those who are not familiar with the term “quack doctor” it’s all what we Filipinos refer to as “Albularyo” in our language.A quack doctor is more often associated with weird leaves-slapping-to-face rituals, matching with filthy herbal-smelling smoke diffusing around the place and then calling presence of their angels, saints and some times a God of their own.
In the movie PAK! PAK! My Dr. Kwak it is not always that we’ll see Bea and Vic fight for their beliefs but will fight for the love that they’d sooner develop for each other. Hyped up with cool and funny casts, PAK! PAK! My Dr. Kwak also boasts for the names of Pokwang, the Wally and Jose duo and most especially the child wonders of the country – Zaijan Jaranilla and Xyriel Manabat.

With the kids around, the story will also have a kiddie romantic subplot since Xyriel’s role is really fond of Zaijan. Zaijan Jaranilla on the other hand will play a role of an angel giving a fantasy feel to the movie.

With this movie,I hope, gone will be the days in the pinoy movie industry were fantasy and comedy are not well complemented with each other. On this I mean, with the fantasy twists inserted on Vic Sotto’s major major uncool movies like  Love On Line and Dobol Trobol and even Iskul Bukol Reunion. :(

I’m not sure but even though this will be released on April 23, 2011 – meaning Black Saturday, the movie is intended to be released on Easter Sunday. The day were all of us must rejoice – in other words, we can treat the movie as the “Lent Season” offering of both Mzet and Star Cinema and I hope the movie will teach good moral lessons and most importantly the importance of faith in God.Have a blessed Holy Week everyone and we’ll see you with a review on the screening of this movie.PAK! PAK! My Dr. Kwak is directed by Tony Y. Reyes.


Watch PAK PAK PAK My Dr. Kwak!

Just so you know, the movie is really nice.

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  1. ness

    i like that pak pak my doktor kwak i hope if i can download that movie

  2. i like that pak pak my doktor kwak i hope if ican downloadthat movie

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