Piolo Pascual and Marian Rivera Movie in 2011?

Piolo Pascual and Marian Rivera Movie in 2011?

Nov 29

movie by pioloYet another rumored project for two of the biggest stars in the pinoy showbiz industry.While it is impossible for Marian Rivera and Piolo Pascual to do a tv show project which have been rumored before.It is not entirely impossible for them to have a movie right?

Barred by their respective tv networks, Marian and Piolo finally gets back up that will help them push through a movie that has potentials of being a blockbuster film.It was Boy Abunda who first insinuated the upcoming team up of Marian and Piolo as written on his tabloid column as reported by Pinoy Gossip Boy.It is then followed by a hint tweeted by a writer (Showbiz Central) which says “The impossible team will happen next year, the KAPUSO top female star and the KAPAMILYA top male star in one movie.”While in an interview done by SNN during the presscon of Super Inday and the Golden Bibe (video below), Marian hinted that she will be working again with Mother Lily(for a Regal Films project) which is said to work with Star Cinema.So with these hints and all, we could therefore conclude that it is not an IMPOSSIBLE movie team up at all! Right?

I believe this is just like in the case of Richard’s movie with KC Concepcion.Abs-cbn (Star Cinema), like Richard, might allow Marian to team up with a Kapamilya Star.If weighted this movie project is lighter than “For the First Time” since Regal Films will be part of the production alongside Star Cinema.While “For the First Time” movie was solely produced by Star Cinema.Hehe!

Therefore this movie project uniting two rival station talents, will eventually, and hopefully push through!

What do you think about Marian and Piolo’s movie project?

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  1. ONTNB

    How about some gossip?

    For those who haven’t heard details on what happened March 25, 2011, on Piolo Pascual’s Chicago concert, resources say Piolo Pascual’s producers allegedly refused to let band Sama Sama Project play as one of the opening acts. Apparently due to them being a live performing band (meaning a band with live drumming, guitar playing, etc.). People that overheard arguments between Sama Sama Project and Piolo Pascual production crew say they were pretty sure that was the case. They did not want Piolo Pascual looking like an amateur artist, which could be understandable. But, putting aside all of that, we all know how big of a heart Piolo Pascual has and can assure he knew nothing of it. “But come on people, can we at least be understandable or a bit considerate?” said another resource. Stating that the Sama Sama Project band had invested just as much, if not even more time advertising through online social networks, their own fan base, family and friends, media, and newspapers for this event. Not only that, but the time they had also put into rehearsing for their opening act for over a month prior to the March 25th event. This blog is not to put a bad word on our idol, Piolo Pascual, but to let fans of up and raising Pinoy band, Sama Sama Project, that had purchased tickets for that night and did not get to watch them at all know what really happened.

    ONTNB Reports.

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    hmm .nice.i hope it will come true..i really looking forward to watch their movies together,.

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